Registration Open 2021-22
Date of Event Strathmore Cricket Club : Sat Aug 7, 2021 2:14PM

2021/22 Season Registration now open!



 The Committee has finalised the membership arrangements for the 2021/22 season. This season the Club is looking to field the following teams:


  • Junior Blast Program
  • Girls Teams (U12 &U14)
  • Boys Teams (U10, U12, U14, U16 & U18 on turf)
  • 4 Senior Turf Teams
  • 2 Veteran Teams



The number of teams per age group will depend on the number of players. We ask that you register ASAP so that we can determine the number of teams we will have playing.



As per previous seasons Cricket Victoria have imposed a $5 insurance levy for all junior players. This must be paid online as part of the registration process. The Club also continues to have in place an insurance policy covering all players (at training and game day) plus public liability coverage.



On-line Registration
We continue to make it easy for you to become a member of the Club by enabling registration and payments of membership fees on-line. All players must register using the on-line system. This is as easy as click here and follow the instructions.



Please note: For a Family membership you only pay for 1 Club membership, but you must individually register all players. You will need to pay the $5 Cricket Victoria junior insurance levy and the Covid 19 Levy for all additional family members.



If you require any assistance with registering, please contact Frank Merzel on 0411407991.



This season we continue to offer you 3 options for reducing your membership fees to zero.
1) Find yourself a player sponsor
2) Find the club a new sponsor
3) Become a sponsor (tax deduction available for business owners)



For more information on sponsorship packages please contact us at



All registrations should be completed by 31 August so that we can finalise playing numbers and teams.



Your registration package for all juniors includes a new playing top and cap. These will be provided to you prior to the first game once your fees are paid.



If you need assistance in paying your fees and are looking to implement a payment plan to pay fees in instalments please contact the Club at . We will work with you to implement a payment plan.



SCC Committee

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